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Based on latest computer network technology, PNX successfully implemented Kodak e-Ticketing system and provides real-time ticket services in a more efficient way. With up to 8000 Kodak express shop outlets located in various cities in china, the functionality of concert ticket sales computerization such as concert, seat and payment management, is very helpful to improve sales, optimize productivity and reduce costs.

   Feature of Kodak e-Ticketing System
 Comprehensive sales channel
With 400 Kodak express shop installed with PNX e-Ticketing system, The event organization can easily maximize tickets sales without extra cost.
 Real-time seat selection
It provides online real-time seat selection and provides the consumer with the visibility of seat location and price.
 Sales Tracking

The organization is able to get daily sales report and analysis easily instead manual calculation.

  Consistent Outlet management
The system provides tools for the manager to manage all outlets according to their sales and performance.
  Logistic and payment settlement

All outlets equipped with ticket printer and computer with internet access, it's easy to track sales situation and arrange the logistic such as blank ticket allocation.

   Success Story
Andy Lau 2001 Shanghai Concert
Shanghai 2001 International Art Festival
ATP 2002 Master Cup
Anita Mooi 2003 Shanghai Concert
2002 David's Magic
Suyoupeng 2002 Shanghai Concert
Amei 2002 Shanghai Concert
2002 POLO Woman Tennis Opening
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