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As the major system integrator of Motorola China, PNX has successfully implemented structure cabling system for Motorola MOS-17 plant with the investment of 1.9 billion USD in Tianjin.

With the cutting-edge technology of SCS and strategy partner ship with CPI and Panduit, PNX established a network with about 10,000 voice& Data outlets for about 3000 end users.

Because of our professional management on overall design, project scheduling, material procurement, installation & testing and documentation, PNX acquired the certification of 'Motorola SPS New construction Certification of Appreciation'.

With our profound experiences on large-scale project management, PNX accomplished MOS-17 project successfully and acquired high praise from Abraham Thomas (Motorola Director of Construction, Asia Pacific).


PNX SCS quality and professional management


  • Standard Media

  • Standard physical connection and outlet

  • Consistent and professional design

  • Testing & Quality Warranty

  • Open architecture

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Prompt technical support


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