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Since year 2003, as the unique services provider of Redhat Linux in China, PNX has been providing comprehensive Redhat Linux products and professional services for multi-national & Local companies. Cooperating with Radhat, the world's leading provider of Linux product and solutions provider, PNX offers market-leading, integrated suite of AS, ES & WS product enabling your reliable and cost-effective IT solution deployment with high performance.

  Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Reliable. Affordable. Easy to manage. Featuring the control, performance, and attention to security you expect from open source software. Red Hat software subscriptions are the first step to building an open source enterprise.

  Red Hat Enterprise Linux Product


 Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS is the core operating system and infrastructure enterprise Linux solution. It supports the largest commodity-architecture servers with up to 16 CPUs and 64GB** of main memory and is available with the highest levels of support. This makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS the ultimate solution for large departmental and data center servers.



 Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES provides the core operating system and networking infrastructure for a wide range of entry-level and departmental server applications. It is ideally suited for network, file, print, mail, Web, and custom or packaged business applications. Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES is fully compatible with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family, providing the stability, performance, and support needed for critical application deployments.


 Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS

Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS is the desktop/client partner for Enterprise Linux AS and Enterprise Linux ES. It is ideal for all desktop deployments, including office productivity applications, software development environments, and targeted ISV client applications. When configured as a headless workstation, Enterprise Linux WS is also ideally suited for use as a compute node in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment.




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