Reseller Program

As the unique service provider of Redhat linux, PNX provides comprehensive Redhat linux products and professional services to our customers in a wide range of industries including small-medium size company, software developer, system integrator and government.

The proven success of Redhat Linux is relying on the efforts of different individuals, communities, organizations and companies all over the world. We will continue to cooperate with these communities and dedicate ourselves to Linux product and marketing improvementto ensure the success of business partners.

Redhat Authorized Reseller Planing: System integrator, software developer, Hardware retailer.

Plan briefing

1. Price for Dealers (Red Hat professional and advanced server)
2. Branding (Authorized Red Hat Reseller)(12 month)
3. Acquire RHCE Exam (1 engineer)
4. Acquire Red Hat Marketing Promotion support
5. Acquire Red Hat Product brochure Red Hat Enterprise Linux product training
6. Company information posting on Redhat website(12 month)

Red Hat product list price (RMB)  

 Red Hat Linux 9 (Simplified Chinese personal)   68
 Red Hat Linux 9 (Professional)   1,500
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1 (Premium)       AS 3.0 (Premium)      25,000
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1 (Standard)       AS 3.0 (Standard)      15,000
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 2.1 (Standard)       ES 3.0 (Standard)      8,000
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 2.1 (Standard)      WS 3.0 (Standard)      3,000


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