Redhat Professional Consulting Service
As the unique services provider of Redhat Linux in China, PNX provides comprehensive Redhat Linux products and professional services for multi-national & Local companies. Cooperating with Radhat, the world's leading provider of Linux product and solutions provider, PNX offers market-leading, integrated suite of AS, ES & WS product enabling your reliable and cost-effective IT solution deployment with high performance.
  Redhat Linux products with proven customer success from small organizations to multi-national companies, has been widely used by major manufacturers like DELL, HP & IBM, software developer and system integrators to meet the requirement of their customers.
  As the leading Linux services provider in China, PNX professional engineers with the certification of RHCE provide 24*7 services to our customers with high quality. Please see the information below for our on-site services coverage.



Level 1 Support

Installation and Basic Configuration

(1500 RMB per man-day)


Level 2 Support

Advanced configuration and support

(2500 RMB per man-day)


Level 3 Support

System management and Support

(3500 RMB per man-day)

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